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led27 exit light

Escape route luminaire

LED | IP65 | Ta 35°C

Obervation distance 20m

Available as central battery / addressed central battery version or with individual 1h/3h battery 


  • Suitable applications for example technical rooms, hallways, control rooms, offices, social spaces
  • Housing and diffuser in polycarbonate
  • Opalized diffuser
  • Available versions:
    • Standard central battery system 10-40V DC
    • Standard central battery system 230V AC/DC
    • Addressed central battery system CPS100
    • Addressed central battery system by Teknoware
    • Self-contained - individual 1h/3h battery with automatic self-test function
  • Observation distance 20m
  • Light source LED 3W
  • Dimensions 370x140x90mm
  • Mounting straight to wall, mounting holes at the bottom of the housing (distance 240mm)
  • Connection -0- 5×2,5mm²
  • Electrical class I (230V) / III (24V)

Versions and product codes

Product codes

Code Total power Voltage Version Addressed Ta Kg
LED A 27 x1 5W 10-40V DC Central battery No -30...+35°C 1,1
LED T 27 x1 4W 230V AC/DC Central battery No -30...+35°C 1,1
LED T 27 x5 6W 230V AC CPS100 Central battery Yes -30...+35°C 1,2
LED T 27 x7 6W 230V AC Teknoware Central battery Yes -30...+35°C 1,2
LED B 27 x1 5W 230V AC Individual 1/3h battery No 0...+35°C 1,5

Exit sign arrow direction

Replace x in the product code as per below table for preferred exit route direction:

x = Arrow direction
A Down
B Right
C Left
D Up
E Stairs down 
F Stairs up
H Stairs down right 
I Stairs down left